Based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

 My purpose as a senior photographer is to create an authentic experience with each client, in order to generate genuine images.

We are each incredibly unique, and that is why I love my job.
I work with my clients to create a feel that is natural and original.
If you want senior photos that stand out, then you have to have fun. 
The last thing you need is a senior album that is awkward or unnatural.

Say goodbye to stiff poses, awkward faces, and cheesy Instagram posts.
As your senior photographer, I am first and foremost your friend.
I will help you feel completely comfortable, and create art with you that you truly love. This is all about YOU. 



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APply to represent


What is a senior rep?:

I want to celebrate seniors in a location that they love and in a place where they feel at home!
I'm looking for ANY current or upcoming seniors who are interested in being a part of repping Hunter Gillman Photography. I have interacted with a huge community of people who love art, photography, and exploration, and now it's my objective to give back, by working with rad new people who desire to create amazing images and share their adventure.


Being a part of "SENIOR 20 ELITE" means joining a community of unique human beings who share a strong passion for life. In addition, Reps receive $100 off of any senior package.

What do I do as a rep?:

Just be you! I work with unique individuals who represent my art, and just by working with me, we will spread the word about the images we create! Your friends & family will see your positive role on social media as you celebrate the end of your chapter, and the start of a new beginning in your life.

Benefits of joining?

  • $100 off any package of your choice (my "thank you" for being a part of my vision)!

  • A one of a kind shoot. We are going to tell YOUR story, YOUR way.
  • BONUS: If you love photography, I will provide you with free mentoring & answer any questions you may have (equipment, editing, my process, etc.).

So, whats the catch?

(There isn't one)

These are the commitments you will fulfill as a Senior Rep! :)

  • MUST be a passionate and driven individual who is ready to adventure and create art.
  • MUST book a senior session with Hunter Gillman Photography.
    (a non-refundable $200 deposit confirms your session.)
  • MUST post 5+ images to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. throughout the summer, fall, winter. 
  • MUST be willing to spread the word through sharing the art we create.
  • MUST be able to communicate easily and be an overall positive member!

(Hey, it's not so bad now is it?)

Referral Program

(Save $10 per friend, up to ANOTHER $100 off)

Just by being accepted as a Rep, you receive $100 off. 

BUT, it gets better.
Tag your friends, and tell them to apply!
Each friend that submits your name as their referral will save you another $10 off your shoot.
Simple as that.

Senior Packages are available here.


4 different states, one big family










Do I have to book my own senior session with Hunter Gillman Photography?

Yes, Senior 20 Elite is only open to clients. If you are selected, you WILL receive a $100 discount, but you must make a $200 deposit, and select a package of your choice. 

Why do I have to pay $200?

It is how you secure your session date. This is just an investment into your regular senior portrait package!
100% of the deposit goes towards your senior session, so you are NOT paying extra. I created this program to make your senior session more than just a shoot. I want you to have an amazing way to create art that will help you remember some of the best years of your life. Hey, if you're gonna take senior photos, LETS DO IT IN STYLE!

(Payment plans available)

After we shoot, can I go on other photoshoots as well? 

Yes! As long as you commit to sharing your photos verbally & through social media, feel free to go on as many as adventures as possible. I support that! 

I can't wait to hear from you.



WHo i am / my story

Taken by Photographer : @davis.hilton

Hey, i'm hunter!

If I'm not home editing photos or binging a new Netflix series,
you can probably find me out discovering new shops and restaurants downtown,
exploring new beaches, or getting lost in the forest.

I grew up in the small town of Lindon, Utah.
As a boy, I was always inspired by the mountain ranges around my home, and early on they became my inspiration.
Today, I still love to capture photographs in places that are powerful and inspiring.

After graduating high school early, I decided that I wanted to make photography my full time passion.
 Now, I live in Portland, OR, and I work with amazing individuals every day!

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