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This is where I'll be showing you how I usually can perfect my presets to the best of their ability! 

Basic first steps:

  •  Add preset

  • Adjust your white balance

  • Adjust your exposure


**(most information will apply to all presets so please read)**

Diamond preset

With this preset I really wanted to make a fast go to preset that can make editing fast, efficient, and fun. This should be a versatile filter for your photos! I wanted to achieve a very neutral look with just a slight warmth and inviting mood. I love using it on backlighting, and overcast! An overall fun preset to spend some time making your own! This is the filter that I would say I personally use the most!

After putting whichever filter you prefer Diamond, Gold, or Platinum. Ill be using Diamond for this photo. Start with adjusting your exposure and white balance for what mood you want your image to achieve! I like to stick with moody, slightly dark, slightly warm and creamy look on my photos. You may also adjust your contrast, highlights, shadows, etc. to your personal preference or keep them the same!

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 9.39.42 AM.png

I did a add some brightness and made it slightly cooler to achieve the perfect skin tone. Another thing that goes into these presets is the SPLIT TONING. This is where I chose the color (hue)/saturation of the shadows/highlights in the image! I have worked hard on practicing and practicing with split toning until I was able to understand how to use it well. I love when an image glows, and theres something just cozy and appealing to a warm image to me. I love to some warmth to the shadows, and just a slight touch of warmth in the highlights as well to create good skin tones, a moody image, and also just aesthetically pleasing.

(Applies to all filters)

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 9.54.38 AM.png

Another thing that goes into my presets is SPLIT TONING! This is where I actually change the hue and the saturation of the colors in the shadows and highlights in the photo! I have added some warmth, and bumped up the saturation slightly to create that glowy, moody, and dark tones in my photos! Feel free to mess around slightly with these settings as well! HAVE FUN WITH IT! 
If an image is to orange/warm for your preference then the best way would be to make sure you adjusted your white balance, and if its still not to your liking then try turning down the saturation in the highlights and shadows to make it just a little cooler.  Also it works the same for if your image is too cool or dark/sad/dead looking then you can turn up the saturation on the shadows and highlights to add some warmth, and light to your photos!

I do have this PROFILE LENS CORRECTION ENABLED. You can choose to turn this on or off, it will affect the image and either give it a vignette or the opposite. You can also look up your lens make, model, and profile in the settings and adjust it to your gear! Also, you can add a more intense Vignette here if you'd like, or take it off some and make the image slight brighter! Distortion is something that helps with 28mm, 35mm, 24-70mm, etc. lens that can distort someones face if you're taking portraits and this can help it look more normal. 

GOld preset

This preset is the warmest of the presets and will take some practice, but I really like how it makes the mood in some images!

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 10.19.52 AM.png

First applying this preset it may be slightly too warm and slightly dark, but no worries we can fix that really quick. Simply adjust your exposure and white balance to a more neutral look or to your personal preference! 

There we go! Just bumped up the exposure a little, made it slightly cooler (but theres still that warm inviting tone in the shadows that stays) and it looks 10x better! 

A tip that I always say to use skin retouching and iris enhancing! just adding some brightness and saturation to the eyes with a tool brush and getting rid of blemishes, scar, etc. will really clean up an image and make it pop.

*Adjust split toning according to PREFERENCE learned in above reading*

Platinum preset

This preset was a fun one to create! I do usually prefer darker and warmer tones in my photos, but sometimes there will be images that just need something different! Adds a little brightness and adds those cool neutral tones that are just so eye appealing. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 10.35.01 AM.png

I also want to give a little warming on using this on an already "cool" shoot! If your white balance *AS SHOT* is already cool then it can make the image way too cool, and that can go the same for the Diamond, and Gold preset just in warmth! 

DO NOT WORRY! This is an easy fix, and (the Platinum and Gold preset could look better with this but I wanted to show you how to fix it incase this happens to you!) all you have to do is turn up the warmth, add a little to your exposure and it should be looking much better!

*For oynx and charcoal presets they should be fairly simple sets to use and what i recommend is adjusting your exposure and don't be afraid to turn up the contrast, also may want to tweak the blacks and whites!*


Thank you for purchasing hunter gillman presets I APPRECIATE each and everyone of you!

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