hunter gillman presets

+ full tutorial on how to use them!


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  •  five lightroom & ACR presets

  • Step by Step editing techniques

Diamond Preset 01

This preset is versatile, warm, and will make any subject SHINE. Useful to emphasize emotion with strong contrast, moody blacks, while creating earthy natural skin tones. Layering a smooth fade, the perfect amount of contrast, and low highlights add even more to your already special image. Creating a balanced, eye catching, and unique piece of art. 

  • Suggested with overcast, backlighting, golden hour.


gold PRESET 02

This preset is the moody and warm. Will bring life and color to any photograph. Vibrant and eye catching, this will really bring another depth to your photographs.

  • Suggested with cooler colored shoots (to achieve golden look)

 platimun preset 03

The coolest and most unique of the presets. 03 is a fantastic foundation to begin your editing process. It will brighten and lighten your photo adding cool (neutral) tones to your photo and from there you can decide where you want to take it! Deep contrast and strong fade will really tie together your image. 

  • Suggested for indoor shooting, natural light, and shade. 

Charcoal B&W

A classic greyscale preset. Smooth blacks, medium contrast, and a soft film touch to bring together an elegant, faded, and crisp black and white image.

onyx B&W

 A strong black and white preset with dark blacks, and dark shadows that will a different depth of contrast and pop to your image. 


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