I'm Hunter Gillman

Who I Am: 

If I'm not home editing photos or binging a new Netflix series, you can probably find me out discovering new shops and restaurants downtown,
exploring new beaches, or getting lost in the forest.

I grew up in the small town of Lindon, Utah.
As a boy, I was always inspired by the mountain ranges around my home, and early on they became my inspiration.
Today, I still love to capture photographs in places that are powerful and inspiring.

After graduating high school early, I decided that I wanted to make photography my full time passion.

I have been blesses to say I have been able to travel, and live in some amazing places. I've lived in Scottsdale, Arizona for a summer spending my days riding horses and exploring the desert. I  made Portland, Oregon my home and I had some of the best times in my life running through the forests, watching the waves crash on beautiful beaches, and watching the sunset from high rooftops downtown. 

 Now, I live in Salt Lake City, Utah, and I work with amazing individuals every day!