I want to work with YOU!


My name is Hunter Gillman. I am a photographer based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. I was raised in the small town Lindon, where it was an everyday occurrence to appreciate nature and all the beauty in the world. I was gifted my first Camera when I was 16 but ALWAYS had a creative brain. I found a real passion with Photography from that day out, for 5+ years I have been developing this passion into my Career. I love to work with brands, models, creatives, and more on projects & photoshoots. It’s so refreshing to me to be around these type of people, and that’s why I’d love to work with you! I want to make a mark on the world, and that mean working with a variety of people and projects! I am adaptable, quick, and kind. I know we’d be a great team! :)



I have worked with many brands in the past doing their Product Photography and Lifestyle Photoshoots as well. I have worked with the following brands successfully and it was so fun.

  • Gap

  • Macy’s

  • Urban Outfitters

  • Lovestitch Clothing

  • Senita Athletics

  • JCrew

  • & many more..

I would love the opportunity to build a relationship with your brand and shop that we can constantly create together and truly make some ART!




I have a vast experience in Social Media as well as actual Photography. I have accumulated over 75,000+ followers and some photos reaching up to 26,000 likes as well! I have a large social media presence and want to use that to our advantage as well working together! I do have rates on posting for your brand if that is something you’d like to discuss!

Along with Social Media experience being a Photographer has taught me to truly see beauty in all aspects of life and the world. I want to be a great partner for you in your business as well as mine!

I hope you have enjoyed everything you read and saw here! I would love to hear back from you, and discuss where we can get started on a project together!

I am open to negations on price + pay based on your specific needs! I am always looking for a constant and frequent business connection in which I can shoot for you consistently!

Check out my Instagram @HUNTERGILLMAN

Also, my website at


Thank you for your time,

Hunter Gillman